Meet Hope

Hope Jia
3 years old
Chosen.  Loved. 
And quite Beautiful.

This is what her caretakers in China have to share about her...

"She is a lovely child with a pair of bright piercing eyes observing her surroundings all the time, which shows her smart. She is extroverted, however, she is kind of timid when being with strangers.  When she is warm up with the guests, she could get along well with them. She has good expressive ability and learns the nursery rhymes fast whenever teachers teach her.  Usually, she enjoys playing Barbie doll acting as an elder sister to help the doll put on clothes and comb hair, at which time she is very lovely. She also enjoys playing games with other children everyday and she is able to cared younger children when playing games. She is a polite child in that she always greets caregivers passing by.  She hopes a caregiver could play with her together, however, if she is not available to do so, Jiajia would be patient. When the caregiver coming, she would come into the caregiver’s cuddle and hold her neck…. She brings a lot of joys to caregivers and she is loved very much by them."

I might add that she is the most lovely girl in China we've ever seen.  And can you even believe those cheeks?!  I can't wait to kiss them.