Our Family

All 6 of us smiling.  12 open eyes.  A good hair day for me. 
Any one of these should be considered a small miracle. 
 All 3 of them in one shot...amazing, really.

Me, homeschooling mom even though once upon a time I swore that  "I'd never do that to my kids", mother to more kids than I thought I'd ever have, clean-freak-organized-wannabe but am totally outnumbered now so you'd never guess it, lover of quietness which rarely happens in our home, and blessed because of it all.  
Andy, selfless husband, best dad, the one who makes me laugh in the chaos of it all.  I've gained all the weight throughout our years of marriage and he's gained all the grey hair.  Not sure what that means other than I eat too much chocolate and, uhm, he's married to me.  I got the better deal the day we said, "I do."  

Kara, age 13, rivals me in my passion for chocolate, lover of music and dance, gifted in caring for children

Anna, age 11, sparkly blue eyes, lover of books, heart for orphans

Nathan, age 8, the sweetest freckled face ever, NFL star quarterback-wannabe, first to make me smile in the morning

Caleb, age 5, lover of anything that has wheels, the laughter in our home, a living picture of God's perfect redeeming love.