Monday, May 9, 2011


Well, it turned out to be a very Happy Day-After-Mother's-Day to me today! We received our LOA today. LOA is China's Letter of Approval for us to adopt Hope. I had been preparing myself for the possibility that we may not get it for several more weeks, even a month or two. It's a HUGE deal that we got it today b/c there are many families who have waited much longer than we did so I was pretty much shocked to get it today. I track our stats on a China adoption website to kind of give me an idea of where we are in line for each step. To put it simply, today we pretty much skipped ahead of a whole lot of families. That didn't happen even once during all of Caleb's adoption process. Everything for his adoptin took ten million times longer than expected. So it's so nice to actually be ahead of schedule for once. Our best guess for travel is August. Guess when her birthday is? August 31st. Looks like we may very well have her by then!

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  1. Happy Day After the Day After Mother's Day. :) Wonderful news.