Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a few things to share

Take a look at what we unexpectedly received today...

Updated pictures of Hope!

Our current status on the adoption? We are nearing the last month or so. We should be getting our Travel Approval (TA in the adoption world) the end of July which puts our expected travel time at mid/late August.

And one last picture to share. The reason we're going back to China for Hope is because our eyes have been opened to this tragic reality...Each one of them is waiting for someone to come. And any reason I tend to come up with in my mind to just stay put and not leave my comfortable life seems insignificant when I see this picture. It's a room in an orphanage in Beijing, the orphanage that Hope has lived in for over a year. These children are just a handful of several hundred that are living here. And the reality is, most of them will never know the love of a family. And so even though we're thrilled to see more of our Hope today and we're counting down the days to bring her home, my heart is broken for those who will hear our voices in the hallway and wonder why it isn't them who is leaving.


  1. she is adorable, Julia!! So excited for you guys!

  2. She is beautiful! New pics make the wait slightly less terrible :)

  3. Visiting from RQ,
    She is adorable! And the last picture/paragraph brings tears to my eyes.